December 12, 2009

AVATAR – Opening Night…cant wait!

 Yes! Shannie and I have tickets to see AVATAR in 3D IMAX opening Thursday for a opening midnight showing!

I’ve been keeping tabs on Rotten Tomatoes and it’s crazy how many people really just want to Hate this film. Funny thing is, the people that have seen it are walking away from it in awe. Even the reviews bashing it are saying it’s the most amazing movie visually they have ever seen…and it’s a must see for that reason alone. lol. At any rate, it’s going to be epic and I cant wait to see it. It’s pretty obvious the story is an old school formulaic one but I am sure it will be done well. I’m looking forward to a mind blowing ride. lol… 

I am loving today since It’s been raining all day! yeayyyy… :-) It’s really pouring down now. I have the studio window open and listening to the sounds of heavy down pour as well as feeling the nice breeze coming in. Very Nice. Judo is sitting here helping me pack things up. Were coming down to 3 weeks now.

Other then that, just a mellow day around the house getting stuff done.

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