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November 11, 2009

Holy Shit! My new Camera! Canon 1D Mk 4

Ok, looks like I’m getting a new Camera in Jan. lol. The Canon 1D Mk4 is their flagship still camera that just integrated HD video on a professional level. Full frame, and shoots in 24P. Uses all my Canon L series lenses obviously and the video above was shot at night with “only” available light. […]

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November 8, 2009

Weekend of Mellowness…

Well after a week of work, work, work, this weekend was a little mellow. The shooting dates for Glue are pushed back so I decided to take a small breather to just chill out and regroup a little. As it stands right now I am thinking Nov. 21st for the police scene, Nov.22nd for the […]

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November 5, 2009

Police Shoot Re-Scheduled

Another Image from our photoshoot last night… Ami Sporting the police uniform Shannie put together. Well I got a call about the permits from Cleveland National Forest, and looks like it takes them 2 weeks to process so the 14th has to be rescheduled. Sorry for the date change folks, but we’ll get the new date worked out […]

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A long but productive day…

A very busy but productive day. I was working from home today on Assets for EQ2. Modeled a bunch of Captain Quarters models for this cool Ship Zone I built over a year ago that’s been sitting in the asset hiarchy until we had a chance to get back to it recently. I finally got on the phone with Mark down […]

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November 3, 2009

EverQuest II – The Complete Collection

EverQuest II – “The Complete Collection” hit store shelves day. This picture was taken at Best Buy….and we got retail space above WoW and WarHammer! Take that fuckers! lol… Another Successful product launch to add to the resume…Happy Happy Joy Joy!

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Here is the packaging for the Glue prop. As promised, it’s pretty funny…eclipsed head shot and all. lol. This is just the packaging mock ups obviously but the files are all ready for printing. We’ll be getting that done this week. Last night we had the table read for GLUE and it went really well. After […]

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November 1, 2009

Police Pullover Location….

Shannie and I went location hunting this morning and I think we found the Police Pullover spot. This was kind of a tough one because we needed to find a stretch of road that was remote, not very traveled, had a relatively flat pullover location that was big enough to get all the angles, keep us out […]

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