November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!…

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I hope ya all had a great turkey day! We had another wonderful holiday of great food and company. Awesome Mama Sheila stayed the night with us, we had a great dinner and watched comedies till late in the night. We of course had to subject Mama Sheila to Borat, lol…which she liked quite a bit. “It was very nice!” lol…

Sheila brought over new cat toys for the cats, so Judo is in heaven right now playing with her new toys. Judo’s new game is playing catch now instead of fetch, so she endlessly gives you her toy to throw, and she’ll leap 5 ft in the air to catch it…or you can toss it right to her and she’ll catch it as well. When she jumps its hilarious since she completely goes airborne after it, and sometime even does complete flips in the air. Crazy cat! lol. Daphne likes her rolling balls and trying to convince us of feeding her kitty crack out of the cans by looking all distraught. An Oscar worthy performance to be sure.

Of course thanksgiving, at least the storybook version of it is supposed to be based on what you are thankful for and I have a lot of that. Getting married this year to an amazing girl and into a great family, Finishing my first Film this year and meeting a lot of new cool friends. Another great year at Sony Online Entertainment with a new EQ2 Expansion and Complete Box set product hitting the shelves. A new full length feature film on the horizon, and plenty of new fun and challenging experiences to come for 2010. Living in San Diego, Ca, Sunny Beaches, Fun People….I have to say things have been good. 


On a unrelated note, I got my Canon L series 35mm lens in the mail today! Yeaaayyyy….works great, and after shooting with it a little, instantly realized this was the focal length I have been missing. I Cant wait to start working with it. Awesome Lens!….

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  1. Thanksgiving is great to reflect on what the year has given us. Sometimes we get caught in the weeds over small issues but it’s important to remember that when you are healthy and happy that’s about all you can ask for. Certainly has been great getting to know you both as friends. Happy holidays!

  2. It’s been a privilege getting to know you too Tim! Such a cool guy,…probably one of Two reasons why people call you “The Shlong”. Lol! Ohh…I purchased that book you let me borrow. I’ll swing by and give you back yours this coming week! Thanks for letting me check it out…its a great read!

  3. Just let me know when you want to meet…know you’re busy getting ready for your move.

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