November 14, 2009

EQ2: Sentinel’s Fate…and I love the flu…

Well, the last two days have been mostly in bed with the Flu. Felt like crap on Thursday morning and have been taking it easy the last couple days. Actually as soon as I write this blog post, I think I am heading to bed.

Exciting news! Here is the cover Art for EVERQUEST II: Sentinel’s Fate, our latest expansion that hits store shelves in mid Feb. It looks amazing, and is going to be the best expansion release to date. Yeayyy…another title on the shelves. lol…Two back to back with our Complete Collection release just a few weeks ago. Score!

New news on the film front…Glue shooting dates have been put on hold till after the new year. basically there has been a few snags with the a couple of the locations, permit delays, etc. and we’re getting too close to the holidays so re-scheduling will be problematic so I decided to leap over the holidays and we’ll get things rolling after the new year. It gives me a little more time to pull some of the pre-production elements together like the camera car mount and things like that we haven’t R&D’d yet.

We also have a move coming up we want to get everything ready for so its a pretty smooth ordeal. Our tenants will be out of the condo at the end of Dec. so we’ll be moving into it during the month of Jan. so it should be a pretty casual move. We’re both pretty anxious to get it done though.

I am also pretty excited about getting my hands on the Canon 1D MK4 and configuring the new rig around it. It’s supposed to hit the market at the end of Dec. so I am hoping to have it for GLUE when we resume shooting. I am going to purchase a 35mm L series f/1.4 lens to fill out my range of lenses, and since I don’t have to use lens adapters any longer, I will be able to use my crazy Canon 85mm f/1.2 lens I couldn’t with the old system. It’s gong to be awesome just to ditch the adapter’s finally. Having amazing Shallow DOF without the fuss. I cant wait!


Well it’s time to get some zzzzzzzzz’s.

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  1. Hope you’re feeling better!

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