October 27, 2009

Glue Update

Well the Halloween Party is done, had a weekend of fun putting it on and hanging out with friends, so now its back to work. lol…well the house is still in a little disarray but It’s almost back together now.

Last night I went over the asset list for GLUE to see what still needs to be done, and it’s still quite a lot so I’m kicking it into gear now. I think we’re looking pretty good though. Tomorrow evening, Roel and I are having dinner with Anthony, a Location Scout that’s going to help us on our projects. I think it’s going to be pretty fun working with him and will be nice to have someone else doing the location hunting letting us focus on other things. Glue just has a couple that still need to be nailed down. Taste for Blood, Roel’s cool brain child is pretty ambitious and will require a lot of interesting locations. It should be really cool to see what he comes up with for those specifically.  

Fun Stuff…:-)

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