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  1. It was a lot of fun…you guys are great hosts! Thank you!

  2. LIsa and I had a great time!! Thanks again!

  3. It was great having you guys out! We had a blast!

  4. […] out Michael’s photos on his blog.  I’m such a lucky […]

  5. The decorations look amazing. I didn’t see any pics of yours and Shannie’s costumes. Can you post some??

  6. Actually Shannie is the Dia De Los Muertos girl with the hat and flowers. She looks amazing! I didn’t take any pictures of myself so I have to get one from Shannie. You can see my head in the kitchen though on the counter.

    I was Mr. Bill 30 years after SNL. lol….he had a cigarette in his mouth, crack coated lips, dark circles under his eyes, stubbled un-shaven chin with a sign on him that said. “Unemployed since 1983, $10.00 if you want to watch me jack off, but only $5.00 if you just want to look at it.”

    :-) – I crack me up. lol…

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