October 21, 2009

San Diego Film Commission

Roel and I headed down to the SD Film Commission today to talk to them about locations and film permits for a Roel’s film project “Taste for Blood” as well as chit chat about permit and insurance requirements in the general. It was fun talking to Kathy down there, and she’s hooking us up with a location scout for both our up coming films. Glue is coming up fast, so I definitely need to get all the logistics in order very soon. Some interesting stuff. Apparently there are two places in town that rent out Police cruisers, Fire trucks and other crazy props so it looks like I really don’t need to buy a police cruiser after all. lol..

They have a really nice location in down town SD, and actually have a large audition / Table reading location down stairs that can be rented out for $10.00 an hour which was really cool so I think we will be using that from now on to cast projects. I know we have a lot of it coming up!

Outside of that, things are moving along. The house is looking more and more Halloween every time I come home in the evenings. Shannie has been hard at work putting things together for it. She has a lot of neat new additions this year. Only a couple days away! hope everyone is getting their costumes together….I know Tim’s on it!

Last but not least…the Insurance check for the ProTools card came in, so that was cool. So we are all squared away now. The Studio is all nice and happy now.


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  1. Awesome…sounds like some great resources. Kathy was the one I was talking to she was pretty helpful.

  2. Interesting how one way or another Segall works his way into every movie.

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