October 20, 2009

Meet Clarissa and Brianna….

New News… :-)

Clarissa and Brianna have joined our cast on the GLUE film playing two office friends in the ATM scene. We met both of these extremely charming women last night and looking forward to working with them on the set….and now we are officially cast for the project!

Welcome aboard!

Yesterday was a pretty productive day. I was wondering what we were going to do about finding a ton of Glue tubes for the film, but then as always, Ebay comes through for us. lol…

I found a lot of 60 packages for 10 bucks, so I purchased 2 lots of them so I would imagine 120 tubes of glue should be enough for the interior car scene. We’re of course going to relabel them with a fictitious brand and repackage the ones Tim will be carrying around with him so it’s going to be pretty fun coming up with the graphics for them. Another souvenir like the Rat City Roller Girls Coffee Shannie made for ON. lol…good stuff.

I do have a particularly crazy idea I am still debating. We need a police car for the film and I have been looking around at trying to rent a Crown Victoria we would use as kind of an Unmarked car. I figured we could get a side spot light to soft mount on the door and a couple lights off ebay for the grill….but then I was thinking a lot of the films are probably going to be using a cop car in one way or another. Then I found this! lololol!

Yep…pretty crazy. 2003 ford Crown Victoria with Gun Rack / cage, lights, computer, the whole nine yards for 5k. lol…that would be hilarious to own obviously and 100.00 a month for the car payment which isnt much. But then I thought, I could probably rent it out to films in the area and probably pay for itself…so maybe not such a weird Idea after all.

I probably wont do it…but It would be pretty fun to have it. Crazy what you find on auto trader though…:-)

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  1. That car is crazy! Great find!

  2. lol..there was like 12 of them in there. This was the only one I found with all the internal equiptment though. Computer, cage and all.

    It would be cool since we could actually shoot police interor car scenes as well as the external ones. Might come in pretty handy. People would probably move out of your way on the freeway too. lol…bonus.

  3. Thats sick!! Is that a real assault rifle and shotgun? Crazy… by the way what’s with the spam comment above? lol.

  4. Honey, can we drive it to Christmas?
    Maybe no one will hit you…

  5. Bacon Security Services

  6. I am not sure what the guns are. He has it advertised as “film ready” so I think they were using it as a movie car, but who knows. Pretty crazy to be sure.

    Roel and I just got back from the SD film commission and found out we can rent a police cruiser from Stu Segal studios for about 250.00 a day, and there is this other place in town that rents all kind of things, ambulance, fire trucks, etc. so we probably wont need this cruiser after all, but it still would be fun. :-)

  7. Um, I meant hit your car. My earlier post kinda sounded like you’ve been brawling at family get-togethers!

    Oh, well, I guess renting one for the day will be fun too. :)

  8. Welcome to Brianna and Clarissa! It was great meeting them the other night.

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