October 18, 2009

Rhoads Joins SuperGlue…

Rhoads Osboune joins our Cast and will be playing Officer #1 in the Glue Film. We auditioned Rhoads back in March for ON and liked his performance so when we had to Re-Cast for the part of Officer #1, he seemed like the obvious choice. We had a lot of people who responded to the ad, one of them sent me a link with a film he had been in that had Rhoads in it as well. I dont think he intended me to cast the other guy. lol…but it was a no brainer after seeing the film. Welcome aboard Rhoads…

We added a couple extra roles to the film as well for the ATM scene. Since these aren’t really heavy speaking roles, I chose who I think will work and will be meeting with them this week to go over the parts. So we should have the Cast solidified this week if all goes well and then it’s just buttoning up production details.

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