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September 18, 2009

Pimps and Mutant Zombies…

Some interesting…and not so interesting events. First off, the not so interesting…lol. I got the insurance claim sent off to the tech company that messed up my system today so I should hear back early next week about replacing the ProTools Core card that was damaged. I am assuming we’ll be just sending it back to […]

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September 17, 2009

Obituary Notice is on IMDB!!…..and a New Macro Lens –

Last night I came home to a new Canon 50mm Marco lens I picked up off ebay last week… I wanted to get a Macro Lens for shooting tiny details I cant get close enough with my other lenses. I shot a couple things in the studio and it works really well. It will be […]

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September 16, 2009

RIP Dalton….RIP :-(

That’s right….”Last call for Action”. Our friend Patrick Swayze AKA “Dalton” from Road House passed away on Monday. A sad day indeed. Cornbread and Co had a lot of fun revisiting the cheesy 80’s classic after the screening party and he will be missed. I think we might have to have a Swayze night in his honor […]

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September 11, 2009

Thursday Night…yawn…

It’s Thursday, but actually the start of another 3 day weekend…yeaayyy…well kind of. lol I had to take tomorrow off to get my Dell machine sorted out. I called Dell yesterday and they are sending out a different tech to fix the system so thats good. Hopefully with any luck (crossing fingers..) the ProTools rig […]

September 9, 2009

Dell Tech Hell –

ughh…Well yesturday marked the day of the worst tech support I have ever gotten through Dell. Good grief. O.k. So I mentioned last weekend the power supply went out on my ProTools rig. Well they sent someone out last night to replace it…all is good right? Well the guy pulls up and he’s 65 or […]

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September 8, 2009

Uggh…Post Labor day weekend…dragging….lol..

After 4 nights of getting to bed later and later, the end of the Holiday rolled up way to soon. lol… Well this weekend was mellow but productive. Shannie and I enjoyed the long weekend working on projects mostly. She was busy busy busy working on sewing projects, and I was working on the screenplay […]

September 2, 2009


Sound is in the house….the SENNHEISER MKH416 P48 SHOTGUN MIC I was holding off on purchasing a new mic, but this one dropped on my lap so I had to pick it up. I keep finding these on Ebay for a little more than I paid for this one, but they are usually beat up […]

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