September 28, 2009

Swayze / Dexter night…

A lot of fun tonight. Tim, Cornbread and Lindsey came over for Swayze night. Shannie made a great dinner and we laid out in the living room watching Point Break. lol…Lot’s of really bad Keannu lines-o-plenty made for a most glorious evening.

Then of course the season premier of Dexter which was very good. The new Antagonist this time around is creepier than any of the previously one’s have been so I have a prediction this one is going to be the best season so far. I really don’t like seeing Dexter as a family man, but it mixes things up and creates all kinds of havoc for him. lol…poor Dexter.

On the film front, here’s a quick concept for Tim’s character. A simple unassuming look but its a good offset to the Craig character. Visually it will look pretty good on film. Tim put up a casting call for some female talent and we’ve been getting what looks like some decent candidates already so we’ll probably set up another test screening for next weekend. All and all a pretty productive weekend.

I talked to Tim about a pretty grizzly effect shot for the end of the film where Craig gets plowed over by a car in the last scene of the film when he takes a step backwards into the road instead of doing a simple shooting I mentioned yesterday. That should definitely add a lot of punch to the end. lol…and will be a lot of fun to composite. So simple shooting…out….getting plowed over by a passerby car…in. lol. Either way would have been good, but this is just more brutal.

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  1. The beach spot where the football game at the beginning of the film is the same spot used for the soccer game in The Karate Kid

  2. Cool, I read the Superglue script and loved it!

    You guys decided not to do the Ghost/Dirty Dancing double feature I see.

  3. lol…yeah, we joked about seeing those after I had a hard time finding Steel Dawn or Next of Kin in local stores. lol

    I didnt know that about the beach thing. Thats a neat tidbit of information..

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