September 26, 2009

Casting Session…Meet Joe Soro

We had a casting call for a couple of parts in out next short film that went really well. Tim had quite a few people who contacted him but we twiddled it down to just a few that would come out for the roles. The person we thought was going to be one of our leads ended up not being as intimidating as the role required but in walks Joe Soro who was auditioning for one of the Cop roles. Well he would have worked out perfect for one of the cops, but he had great projection and a really cool throaty voice…and the 2nd cop role was kind of small so I think we’re going to extend the primary role to him. I think I might have a role for him in BURN as well.

He was pretty clean cut, so I wanted to do a quick concept piece to see visually what we could do with him, and I think he’ll work out great. He also has a contrasting look to Tim which will work out much better, andhis schedule was pretty open…or he will move stuff around to work with us so I think we have our guy. Our primary for the Cop Role was a no show and after giving it some thought we decided was needed a Woman in the role so we are going to re-cast for that part. Outside of Ally on ON, it was pretty much a Sausage fest, so adding a little diversity to the next film will be good. Tim and Jorge have a couple of people they have in mind, but I kind of want to do another open casting to see what else we get, if only for collecting resumes to see whats in the immediate area.

I talked to Tim about having the Craig character get shot at the end of the film….Yes, I do want to do some fun After Effects stuff…lol….but it also works with the Story and gives it a little more punch.

Jorge and Tatianna Stopped by as well during the screen-tests and we all went out for Mexican Food in Escondido at this cool place I knew about. Of course when I told Jorge about the place and said it was authentic Mexican food everyone laughed. (Jorge is native to Mexico…) Well…was I right?! …Fuckers!….lol. We had a great time.

I was out and about last night and purchased the Re-Mastered Re-Release of Blade Runner. They Digitally Remastered the whole thing and it looks amazing now. Better than it ever looked….and they put back in a lot of the scenes they took out in the Director’s cut. It was great seeing it so vivid. Absolutelly Amazing! 


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  1. Oh, honey. We all just thought it was adorable that you know what authentic mexican food is. I’m so proud of you! You’re becoming a real-live San Diegan.

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