September 25, 2009

Action Essentials II – Getting ready for a Fun Filled Weekend,,

Yeay, it’s Friday. Not a moment too soon. lol

The last couple days have been mostly playing around with Game Tech and After Effect. I purchased Video Co-Pilot’s Advanced Compositing DVD and Action Essentials II FX Content which I received in the mail yesterday. Funny thing is it came really fast…I ordered it on Wednesday morning and it was sitting in the mail box last night. So I look on the address and Andrew Kramer lives in Lake Elsinore. lol..just down the road.

Small world apparently. :-)

So that was pretty cool. The compositing course has the tutorial on Green Screening Car interiors which will be useful for the film coming up. And the Action Essentials DVDs are basically a package of four DVDs that have hundreds of pre-key’d elements for compositing muzzle flashes, Bullet Holes, smashing glass, Atmospheric smoke and fog, etc, etc. I was looking at them last night and there is a lot of really cool stuff in there definitely opening up more action oriented elements we couldn’t do otherwise. Score! lol

I also got in the mail my Timer for the 5D DSLR so that was cool…kind of. lol. It was only $35.00 so the build quality is pretty light and flimsy but we’ll see how it works. The one thing I found really odd was that it has no Power button…so its just always “on”. Very Strange. It takes a one of those larger round watch batteries almost the size of a nickle, and it supposably has a 3 year life range…but I am not sure how they are counting that if there isn’t a power button. maybe it just uses so little power it just drains it that slow. That would of course suck taking the battery out each time you sue it, so I just left it on and we’ll see what happens. Other then that it seems fine. I’ll probably play with it tonight to see if I can get the Time Laps to work on it.

Tomorrow around noon, we have screen tests with some potential Actors on the Superglue Project. I picked up some HD tapes this afternoon, so we’re ready to go. Of course we have Swayze / Dexter night on Sunday. lol…so that should be fun. Shannie made the most amazing Pasta last night…so freak’n good. Maybe I can get her to duplicate it for dinner Sunday evening for our guests…and I think we still have Tequila left over for Jorge. lol.

On the Audio Studio front, I’m still hashing it out with the insurance company which sucks. I talked to the person handing the file today and there seems to be a discrepancy as to if this “kind” of thing is covered and tried to prompt me into calling my insurance company to see if its something that they would cover. Which basically means they’re trying to weasel their way out of paying for the damage their shitty tech did. She’s going to call me Wednesday to give me an answer on it, but if it doesn’t go through I’ll be hammering the tech company and Dell Directly.

She said there’s no doubt that the company is liable for the damage, she just said she doesn’t know if it falls under their insurance plan. Of course this isn’t the first time this company has had someone place an insurance claim for damaging someones property I am sure, so she should already know full well if they cover these kind of damages. The second tech told me specifically the other guy has had a lot of people complaining about him, even one lady who told Carl she would shoot the other tech on sight if they sent him out again…so obviously this is not uncommon with them.

I’m supposed to be laying down guitar tracks for KC’s next CD so having my ProTools HD rig down kind of sucks, but whatever. I’ll be hammering them next week if they try to screw me around on it.

Other then that things are moving along. Looking forward to doing some FX compositing on the next film, and just working away on everything else.

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