September 20, 2009

Superglue Mock Poster…

I finished modeling the Character Geometry this morning for our pimp’ mutant zombie title and thought I would play around with a really quick mock poster piece for the next Short Film.

Remember, the name is just a working title…I don’t think we have Ron Skippy or Mark Gerbal on board. lol…and this wont be the real poster, but I wanted to start playing around with some imagery a little just to get started on the process kicking it into gear.

I also put up a Location and Asset list PDF file in the SuperGlue project area. It’s going to be interesting to shoot for a few different reasons. The car sequences will be difficult and just trying to wrap my head around how we’ll be doing them. We can do it with green screens and composite moving street footage. That would be easiest if we can get a good look with it, other wise we are going to have to try to mount a camera outside the vehicle and shoot it in motion which is a little scary. Then have a tow truck tow the car around so Tim doesn’t have to drive and say his lines. I’ll have to talk to Roel about that. Maybe he has a good way of doing it. Should be interesting either way.

Back on the Game front, I brought the Pimp character into 3dMax and rigged him with a skeleton via Character Studio BiPed and bound the mesh with Physique. It’s kind of down and dirty rigging just to get things up and running, but I am going to have to re-do the rig once I lay out the UV coordinates and texture the model anyway, so this just gives us something to get the core mechanics up and running. It’s looking good though. I cant wait to get the initial mechanics in place and we have the dude running around shooting things. With any luck we’ll have the first stage of it up and running this week.

After that, we have the base….then its just adding fuctionality and refining the assets.

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