September 20, 2009

Pimp’n Mutant Zombies Part II

Today’s progress on our Main Player Pimp Character.

The Geometry isn’t finished but its getting close. I need to refine him out a little more, give him some bling, and square off his gator skin shoes. lol. He needs some heels as well. Once the texutes are on him all the detail will be there.

Outside of that I noticed Alex and Javier have been added to IMDB now, so that was cool. I sent Javier an E-mail to let him know which he was really happy about. He sent me a cool composition he had been working on today and said he was completely down with doing the next short film with us. He read Tim’s screenplay and thought there was a little “Seven” in it in terms of musical themes. The piece he sent me today had that flavor to it. Very cool stuff.

I added the Film to the project Access area and called it SuperGlue as a working title. The screenplay is up there for people that will be working on the project as well as the crew and cast listings we have so far, and we’ll start the production process like we did with ON.

After we finish Screen Tests next Saturday things should start picking up quickly in preparations for shooting. Ill start piecing the schedule together as well. I put in there shooting between the 7th through 15th of Nov.

Shannie and I talked about the Superglue FX make-up today and I think she has a pretty good take on how to do it. The Stiff in the trunk shot should look pretty gnarly. lol…It’s going to be an awesome scene for sure.

Well it’s 3am, and I probably should get to bed. zzzzzzzzz….

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