September 19, 2009

Pimp’n Mutant Zombies…

I got a good start on the Pimp’n Mutant Zombie Arena tonight. An Urban city block. There aren’t any textures on the surfaces here obviously. This is just the Geometry. The camera will be a little more top down so you can see all the way into the open area where the game takes place. The player will be able to run around shooting mutants and defending his hoes while they run from one building to the next. A simple premise but it will be some old school arcade style fun.

I’m going to Model our main pimp character tomorrow, and get a basic animation rig in the engine, then see how far I can get on the Burn Screenplay on Sunday. Depends on how long the character model takes. usually I’m pretty fast though so most likely Ill get that out of the way tomorrow. At any rate, I think it’s going to look pretty rad.

I talked to Shannie tonight about Halloween and the Party is on the week before Halloween, so we’ll have to schedule shooting the short film somewhere around the first week of November.

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  1. Awesome work on the 3D stuff, very cool. I had a bunch of family over for a grill out and they watched Obituary Notice after we ate…they really enjoyed it…they got scared at the right places and laughed in the right places…was interesting to watch it with a group of people who had no awareness of the story. I know we’ve all said this before but great job Michael…you envisioned it and you made it happen.

  2. Mike… I want a shot at the voice of the pimp. I can do a good one.

  3. Thats cool Tim! Thanks! That’s great to hear…

    As for the Pimp, yeah…I’ll let you know when we reach that point. It mostly depends on the tone we go for and what kind of voice will work for the character, but yeah we’ll definatly give you a shot at it when the time comes. I want to see if Cornbread would be up for some tracks as well. lol…

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