August 26, 2009

ZombieLand = Cool

Yep, someone else cashing in on the “Shawn of the Dead” style zombie flick…but this one looks pretty damn cool! …Woody Harrelson is awesome. Plus we have Van Halen’s “Everybody wants some” blasting away as the Trailer music, so you know this one is going to be a hell-a-va-lot-o fun. I love the Zombieland logo too…very cool.

I’m in!

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  1. Don’t waste your time with Rob Zombie’s Halloween Deuce. I have flushed better things than that movie.

  2. Hello my name is every horror movie cliche ever, have we met? No, my name is Halloween 2. Nice to meet you.

  3. lol…bummer. I cant say I am suprised. I thought the remake was watchable but kind of lackluster.

    J-Ro is going to be dissapointed…he was actually talking about wanting to see it last weekend.

    We still need to see District 9.

  4. Read that Zombie is going to do a remake of The Blob next…WTF?

  5. I actually liked the first Halloween remake he did. I felt it had some good back story and was pretty violent. I hope Zombie doesn’t turn into a remake dircetor.

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