August 24, 2009

Inglorious Bastards weekend…

Well this weekend was kind of mellow. Friday Shannie and I saw Inglorious Bastards which was pretty damn cool. Clever dialog and overall a pretty fun movie. The whole cast was excellent and of course being a Tarentino film, plenty of memorable moments I am sure I will be quoting for while. lol…

Outside of that, just writing away on the BuRN Screenplay. I really like what I have so far…Hopefull this week will get me pretty close to finishing it.

Yesterday I took some time and installed the new upgrades for my RedRock system. The New M2 Encore electronics, The Micro X Encore Flip Module, and the newly released Live Lens to control the Aperture on my Canon “L” lenses. The Micro X was a lot bigger than the old one so I had to take the whole rig apart and take out the Rod shims to lower the M2 housing, but after I got it all squared away, it works really well.

Much better light sensitivity now, and edge to edge sharpness. It was a significant improvement over the old system. The live lens works great, I can now stop down the lenses with the electronic mount to reduce DOF…and of course I like having a rechargeable battery in the M2 Encore so I don’t have to take the whole thing apart just to swap out the battery. A much needed addition.

So the rig is all put back together and ready to rock and roll. Tim sent me over a pretty cool script for a short film yesturday. If we have some time after I get the screenplay done for BuRN, I offered to shoot it with him. I would like to test out the new Optics as well on the rig, so this might be a really cool short film to shoot with it.

So anyway…Another Monday plugging away on EQ2. Almost done with this expansion…yyeeayyy…lol. Guess I should get back to it. Hope you all are having a great day.

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  1. Any parts for ol’ J-RO in that Cool Script?

  2. Well there is this scene with this totally naked dude hanging by his dick in a closet David Carradine style! lol…just kidding…:-)

  3. if JRo got butt raped every Sunday and Tuesday infront of 40 people for 6 weeks in a row… your lil’ naked scene is no prob. for ol’ JRo

  4. Being that I am the agent for the above referenced J-Ro I prefer that my client’s nude scenes be in a room that is at least 73 degrees fahrenheit to avoid possible shrinkage of the baby maker aka love gun.

  5. Need any music for said referenced short film? and also:

    Why did David Carradine have a porno in his car? Because it was Auto-Erotic.

  6. I forgot to add “Zing” at the end of my previous comment.

  7. Totally Javier! I would love to have you down for it…

  8. Should be fun…

    Hey Mike, you won’t believe what Steven Seagall is up to…inspired by Ricky Law perhaps?–550

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