August 18, 2009

Hollywood Film Festival here we come…

Well, ON is done….now its time to put it out there. I have the bar code and paperwork printed out for submission right in front of me, and I’ll be boxing it up with a copy of ON to send to the Hollywood Film Festival which is going on in October. I have to have it in the mail tomorrow to meet the two day deadline, so its rush rush rush…lol.

Pretty cool though, even if it’s not excepted its still aknowledged so we’ll get the IMDB credit for it…and if it is accepted itll be up in Hollywood, so thats just a small car trip away. Either way, it’ll be good.

I did get some more work done on the Burn Screenplay last night…so that’s moving along. I am hoping to have the first draft done sometime late next week…

other then that, not much else to say. Keep on Keeping on. lol…

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  1. Crossing my fingers!!!

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