August 16, 2009

Obituary Notice – Finished – Moving on!

We had the Obituary Notice screening party last night and everyone had a blast! With an equivalent of a theater concession stand, we had Ally (ghost girl in the film) and her brother Sean bouncing off the walls with sugar in no time! lol….They are really great kids, and Nancy and Adam were charming as always.

A little tequila for J-Ro and Roel braved the absinthe with Shannie. It was a great time. Of course we had Cornbread for commentary, Tim (the Schlong) Clifton in the house, everyone got to meet Javier who rocked the compositions for the film on the back-end and his lovely girlfriend Lisa. Cast & Crew, friends and Family attended as well…it was a nice turnout.

Once it got dark we killed the lights and ran the film, and everyone really liked it. It was great to see the finished film screened before its first audience. Everyone got the “clapper” segment, and laughed when Lance was trying to get the lights back on. Ally who was the ghost girl hid under a pillow even though she knew what was coming,…it was great seeing people’s reactions to it.

Credits rolled and everyone was clapping and carrying on…so we got to experience what was the end of production on our first film. yyeeaayyy…it was awesome!

I suck with speeches, so I didn’t go on too long with it, but I touched on how much fun it was, a little story about the Willet’s Doughnut scene,….and of course thanked everyone for their involvement in helping make a pretty cool little film.  

We handed out DVDs and disks with behind the scenes photos. We had the scrap book on the coffee table for people to look through.

Then after people started leaving, Cornbread and Tim wanted to watch a little “Road House”. lol So we kicked that up and watched the DVD with a little Cornbread commentary…always

all and all a wonderful evening.

sooooo…now we are officially done, and moving on. ill be looking into submitting the film to some festivals, but now it’s full steam ahead to finish the BURN screenplay.

Today I took the day off….no writing, no working, playing with gear, just veg’ed on the couch. It has been a pretty sleepless week but all worth it.

Tomorrow is a new day, a fresh start and I’m excited.

Thank you everyone! For the hard work, the friendship, the enthusiasm…and just plain joining us for a great ride.

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  1. We are having an Obituary Notice screening at my work tomorrow. Heads will explode.

  2. lol…nice!

    …bring your pen for autographs movie star!..:-)

  3. I was going to give them hairs from my “stash”.

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