August 15, 2009

Obituary Notice Screening Party!!!

Obituary Notice Screening Party tonight!!

Well tonight’s the night….finally. We have everything setup and ready¬†for guests to arrive! It’s going to be a fun night.

Alex and Kim cant make it, they were in the hospital last night having a baby. We were told this morning and went up to see the new addition to the Castillo Family. Elianna Castillo was born around 11pm last night…a really cute baby girl just like their parents. Of course we brought them up gift for the baby, balloons and we have to give them a little Movie Screening Party Package which included a DVD Wide screen copy of Obituary Notice, Popcorn, Mike & Ikes, Skittles, all in a neat Movie Theater Popcorn Tub we picked up for the party.

So even though they couldn’t make it to the screening, they can still celebrate with us in a way. :-)

For the people that are going to make it out tonight…we’ll see ya in a few hours!


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  1. Mike and Shannie Bacon. You guys are the best!!! Thanks for everything tonight. Everything was awesome. Your hospitality rocks!! You guys are “motherFN Genius'”

  2. Wonderful screening party, it was a blast! I’ll always have a lot of great memories of ON. And thank you for humoring Cornbread and me letting us watch Road House. Cornbread’s running commentary was, as always, priceless!

  3. The name’s ………………DALTON.

  4. we had a blast! I re-watched the film again tonight off the ps3 on my hdtv and it looks great! Good job with the final cut!

  5. thank you all! We had such a great time…and it was of course amazing getting everyone together to watch it together. Such great people. I am truely touched to have worked with such cool and talented people as you all!

    I learned so much from all of you…

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