August 14, 2009

DvDs, Kitties, and Crazy Cabins…

DVDs are here!! yeayyyy…lol

Yesss…after two days of pulling my hair out over getting the film exported, I finally figured out that weird artifact glitch I was getting on the previous burns. So now we have letterbox working right without the motion distortions. Happy happy joy joy! lol…

And I also got a DVD menu in there as well…so were all good to go for Saturday night!

Last night we have Lindsey and Cornbread over for dinner which was a blast as usual. Talked some shop, and we showed them the Film since Lindsey’s going to be MIA Saturday due to it being her brother’s birthday, but she still may make it out.

Shannie made a wonderful dinner of Pasta, Chicken breast, Humus and Chips, salad…and chocolate cornbread at the D-man’s request. :-)

After watching the ON, Lindsey had the great idea for the next film of having joke film trailers that played before the feature movie started.

I had been joking about this film this other guy in SD made recently that was a really horrible Friday the 13th clone, not good at all. We watched the trailer and it was pretty embarrassing with some of the worst dialog and cliche scenarios I can think of in recently memory. It probably wouldn’t had been as bad except I had talked to the film maker about DP’ing on it before we started ON, and he told me he had this “Brilliant” screenplay (the actual word he used)…and then described it as being a group of people that go up to a cabin in the woods and get killed one by one by a serial killer. lol. Not sure where the “Brilliant” part comes in…but after watching the trailer it probably made it that much worse.

..but it was probably funnier when he told J-Ro he’d never work in Hollywood because he turned down playing the lead role in such an epic turd. lol…

So while we’re on that tangent, of course Cornbread throws out the tag line for our own “Crazy Cabin”…with a ton of funny cliche lines and ridiculously funny scenarios of his own…”brought to you by the same people who brought you Angry Lumberjack and Blind Assassin!” lol…

I dont know…doing a completely bad (on purpose) horror movie about a group of people that go up to a cabin in the woods and get killed one by one by a serial killer sound like a funny trailer to me.

To be honest, it didn’t look that bad technically…the DP at least knew what he was doing, and the cast if having some decent material to work with probably could have been good. but man….the premise and dialog were just brutal! uggh…and that was just seeing the 2 minutes of trailer footage and a few promotional scenes. I feel bad for the talent involved, but there were a couple people in there I want to snag for our next film…so I guess it was worth watching it. lol…that said, look for “CRAZY CABIN”…coming to a theater near you…

And lastly….here’s a picture Shannie snapped when she got home from work today. Must be nice laying around the house all Funny thing is normally they hate each this was pretty odd…

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  1. I can’t wait for Crazy Cabin!

    That picture of Vinny and Daphne belongs in a museum. It’s definitely a once-in-a-lifetime cat situation!

  2. OMG!!!! I don’t think I told you!!! I ran into him (Jason Moulton) the “brilliant” director and writer of that master piece THE CABIN. I think he followed me home… creepy? yes!!! because he drove by my car in the complex. Anyways…. He stopped me and sayd that the brunette in his film was going to be the next Lara Croft….lmao. And that “THE STUDIO” liked his trailer so much that they wanted to use his movie to promote the chick as Lara Craft. OMG I can’t believe I didn’t tell you this…. OH and after he told me this, he sayd he has another “amazing” script in pre production and he asked me if I could be in it….. ITS NOT GOING TO STOP…..

  3. Looks awesome Michael! (as always). Look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow! That is a great idea, sort of what they did in Grindhouse where they had trailers for fake films…actually, one of which, called Machete is actually being made into a feature film. That could be really funny!

    Man, Jorge, that is messed up and a bit disturbing…

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