August 10, 2009

The RedRock is Coming…the RedRock is coming…lol

Well today was one of those hard to get up days this morning. Was up too late working on BURN material.

I started the process of filling in character descriptions and images just to get a feel for the look of who’s already on board, and who I would like to see in the roles. I kind of did this on ON and it helped me visualize the cast as a whole.

I am going to try updating the Character description page tonight before moving on to the dialog so I get an idea of the kind of vibe each character should have. That should at least give me all the tools I need to start getting the script together…which I am hoping to start on tomorrow night.

In other news, I got my confirmation E-mail from RedRock micro that my M2 Encore Upgrades have been shipped! So that’s good news. We’ll have the upgraded optics for the BURN trailer / Promo piece. I aslo pondering just sucking it up and getting a SONY EX1 to replace the Canon. With 1/2 inch sensors with the Upgraded redrock rig, that would give us quite a bit of difference in footage quality.

Since things are starting to get Real around here as far as what were doing…maybe its a good investment. Something to ponder anyway.

well its back to work here…:-)

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  1. muahahahaha…ex1..muaahahaha.. that would be a baddass setup, I’ve been thinking about that cam to.
    I just outlined a short of my own and am already 4 pages in. A vampire/drama that’s turning out pretty sweet.

  2. Thats awesome Roel. I cant wait to read it!…

    We got some films to make,,,lol.

    Yeah, I would like to hold off and see what Red Does…but then again its being able to do something with it now. When Red comes out, I guess I can always sell the other rig.

    The image quality on the EX1 is pretty damn cool…would come in handy for these new films. Plus if we both nabbed one, we would have dual EX1s. That would rock! lol…

  3. to much chit chat going on in here. get back to work both of youzz. I need my scripts ready… lmao.

  4. All kinds of creativity around here…awesome!

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