July 30, 2009

yeaayyy…its Thursday

It’s thursday and I forgot all about the EQ2 Station Cash party over at the Miramar Speedway. ( Cart racing) In other words I get to bail early today and get some more stuff done at home. lol…

Last night was productive…I assembled the Film into the Master File and got that squared away. Put in opening spash screens and logos, and today I have to finish up the closing credit sequence. Ill be working on the DVD art tonight as well, and hopefully get that squared away too.

Last night I took a break and worked a little on some Music. I’ve been getting some really great sounds out of Digidesign’s Eleven Guitar Rack for Pro Tools. It is without a doubt the best guitar software amp that’s available. I am really blown away that it sounds and feels like a real tube amp. I have a tune I’ve been playing with that’s going on my next CD…and working on some really odd double stop techniques. Not much time while working on the films, but I slip it in when I can. I want to release another 2 song CD B-side single like Metropolis in the next month or so…but we’ll see how time goes. The next Film is the priority.

I’m making a push to get the DVD finished over the weekend, but my Shannie baby and I might go play at the Beach in Oceanside sometime this weekend, so if anyone’s interested in having a little fun in the sun with us, let us know!

Well time to get some work done…hope everyone is having a great day. :-)

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