July 29, 2009


Well things are really close now. Javier was over last night and we mixed in the compositions for ON so now we have all the audio done and working on assembling the final master.

Tonight I was working on exporting the scenes….I should have all the scenes merged into the master film file by tomorrow night. (crossing fingers…) It’s getting a little late to finish it tonight. Pretty cool though…I re-mixed some of the audio we touched on last night and was watching the film tonight and it’s pretty awesome stuff. Javier did a stellar job on the tracks! He’s also totally on board with the next film…so that will make the process much quicker next time.

I made some more progress on some of the character development for the next film ( Working title… “Burn” ). And started writing the full scene outlines for the opening story beats…which I am pretty happy with. I changed up the Female Lead story a little and made an interesting dynamic between the two main characters in the film, but I haven’t fully flushed out how or why that character is present at the main location. Once I get it figured out logically I think I will have a pretty solid counterpoint with all the characters…and will be pretty happy with the elements in place.

I also gave out User Names and Passwords in E-mails tonight for the project areas…so If anyone didnt get thiers or having problems with accessing the secure area of the project database…let me know!

…and off the beaten track…

I got my car back today…weird. I took it in, and they couldn’t find anything wrong with it. I think it was most likely just a power steering fluid flush that it needed…but what ever it was, they couldn’t replicate the problem. They couldn’t figure it out initially so the tech pulled the old fluid out and replaced it, and it seems to work fine now. I picked up the car and there wasn’t a problem…

Ohh well..Ill drive it for a few days and see if it comes back. Kind of time waster though driving across town…but they didnt charge me for checking it out which was cool of em. Hopefully I will be hassle free for a little while longer..(knock on wood)…

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  1. I can’t believe the new movie isn’t going to be called “Crispy”?

  2. Burn is a “working” title…meaning placeholder until I come up with the actual title. However if we ever decide to do a full on Porno featuring Burn Victims we can always go with “Crispy Cream”

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