July 27, 2009

Screenplay, Audio and other fun stuff…

Monday morning and back to work after a fun Comic Con Weekend… :-)

It was fun, I got to finally meet Drew from Fewdio and thank him for the lighting advise. They had a booth there and were doing a panel as well. SOE had a booth there promoting the DC Comic Game, FreeRealms, and EQ2 so that was cool to see we had a presence there. We got to hang out with Tony again while he signed autographs and talk a little more. It was a great time.

Well tonight Javier is coming over to mix down the Music Compositions he’s been working on for Obituary Notice…so after tonight we should be pretty much complete with it. I’ll be able to assemble the scenes and finally get the film exported for DVD. yeaayyyy…and of course that means screening party! Finally! Really happy about that obviously.

I got a little more work done last night sketching out characters for the next film, and will be chewing into the screenplay here tonight. Thanks Tim for that copy of Final Draft! I’ll be putting it to good use! I did get the project framework up on the Micon Films Website, but I decided to change User Names and Passwords for the protected directory on this project so I’ll be E-mailing them out in the next day or two. If I forget anyone, just let me know and I’ll add ya to the data base. Just wanted to flush out a few people that probably shouldn’t have access to the materials any longer.  

After tonight I should have a rough list of characters we’ll be casting for, so if you have some ideas for acting talent, please let me know. We probably should have the cast in place before we shoot a Movie Trailer for the project.

Things are moving right along though…More Updates soon to come!

Now its time to take my car in to have the Power Steering Pump looked at…ohh fun…lol.

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  1. Thanks for taking me to Comic Con and on my very first PediCab ride! It was fun, baby!

  2. You are welcome baby! mmmwwaa! :-)

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