July 22, 2009

Change of Plan….

Well that didn’t take long. lol…

I had a plan together, and then things just pop up and I had to make some revisions. We had a lunch meeting¬†day before yesterday with Jorge and John Moran who will be working with us on the next project. John moran is Tony Moran’s brother, who was the guy that played Michael Mayers in the first two “Halloween” films. We had a great lunch and talked about the Ricky Law project as well as talked about a film John and Tony did just recently together.

John talked about the possibility of getting Tony interested in the Horror project I had slated to shoot beginning of next year, so I decided (after some consistent nudging from to put together the outline / Screenplay for the Horror Film first before moving onto the Ricky Law project…so we’re switching things up a bit. We’ll be pitching the Horror concept around while I continue work on the Ricky Law project. Seems like there is a lot of interest in getting the next Horror project off the ground so we’re rolling with it.

I finished a rough skeleton outline for it tonight, but I need to switch some things around to make it a little more interesting. I do think I found my big twist moment for the film I was looking for. I need to mull over it a little to see how it gels when I get the scene blocks a little more solidified, but I think its taking shape. With a little more messaging I will be pretty close to having a solid outline for it.

Ill be putting up the frame work online for that project tomorrow as well…so people involved in it will have access to the docs and pre-production materials.

Stay Tuned…:-)

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  1. You can always count on ol’ J-Ro for so good old fashion “nudging”. I am really excited about our first pitch on Friday.

  2. Yeah, me too…It’s going to be blast…very excited.

  3. Awesome guys…sounds like some great developments.

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