July 20, 2009

M2 Encore, Live Lens and Ricky Law online…

This weekend was a little productive…so I’m happy about that. Shannie and I got a little sick Friday and Saturday…so that wasn’t so much fun. Not sure what it was…kind of felt like flu, but I kind of think it might have been mild food poisoning. We both ate at Islands for lunch on Friday, and we both started kind of feeling sick at the same time.

We were going to hook up with Jorge and Tatiana this weekend, but weren’t really feeling up to leaving the house. Today I felt much better though. Still a little under the weather, but for the most part functional. I’ll be having Lunch with Jorge tomorrow to talk about the new project and meet an actor for one of the support lead parts on the Tv Pilot.

I ordered the upgrades for the camera rig from RedRock Micro this week. We have the M2 Encore and MicroX Encore Flip module coming which has a whole list of feature updates and refinements. Most notably, much better light response and full edge to edge sharpness…so that’s really cool just in itself.

I ordered the Live Lens too which now gives me the ability to set the Apperature on the Canon Lenses without having to remove the lens from the rig and set it via the Canon 5d body. A big time saver…so I am pretty excited about that!

Some more major pluses, Being able to set the collimation from outside the M2 Encore without having to take the whole thing apart, and one of my favorites…rechargeable battery for the M2 Motor. All and all a really sizable upgrade in terms of features and performance…so all good there.

On the production front, Ricky Law is Online! lol…well the project framework anyway. I finished a very top level outline that pretty much brakes top level assets, locations, Characters down and I was even able to extract the scene schedule and how many shooting days.

I still have to write out the rest of the scene details, but all the top level stuff is there. It might change depending on new ideas that might roll in during writing out the rest of the outline, but I think its pretty solid.

First thing first, its a much larger project in terms of cast. Obituary Notice was 5 people…RL is going to have about 6 Primary characters, 4 smaller speaking roles and about 15 support cast so its going to be more to manage. The shooting itself will of course be a little easier since its Reality Tv style and we don’t have to deal with it looking like film. I think its pretty manageable though….and I think the added cast will make for a very fun project, not to mention the experience of working with something a little more dynamic in scope.

If my calculations are correct, I think the project will consist of 5 shooting days.

I have two weeks to nail down the script, the month of August for casting and pre-production and shooting will take place in September….post the first 3 weeks in Oct. and that should be a wrap. That’s the plan anyway. Now that I have someone handling music, that should make things a lot easier to nail the deadline.

We’ll see though…but that’s the current projection.

In other news, I have been talking to a friend of mine in China about working out some kind of a film project out there. He went over there as an English teacher and he loves it. He’s pretty entreched into the culture as well as surroundings and has some connections into a lot of practicals including some possible film funding opportunities, so I might be working on some concepts for him to pitch around over there. He was Co-Manager for Havuk back in the day, and is good with interfacing and getting things happening, so its definitely worth looking into. I might fly out there sometime after this current project to see the place, meet some people and talk to him about logistics. He’s extended a very generous invitation.

Its all just talk at this point, but I think there might be something there…plus it would be fun just to hang out with Mike and see Hong Kong. I haven’t seen the guy in years…so it would be really cool regardless.

Well its pretty late…time for bed!,,,lol…

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