July 16, 2009

One goes down….Another one is getting ready to roll…:-)

Obituary Notice:

Well, were getting down to the wire with Obituary Notice. Javier has been doing a smok’n job with the soundtrack sending me a close to finished piece for all the night time interior music. Its sounding pretty amazing. We have the Opening Credits sequence, the Car Scene, the Interior night stuff…all we have left if the 2nd half of the day time dialog music, and the cop scene and were pretty much done!

Were going to get together soon and mix everything down here and then its just assembling the final project and getting it burnt on to Disk. Outstanding.

We will be setting up the screening party very soon so look for those invites. :-)

Ricky Law:

Well Javier has freed me up to start working on the next project and I think this is what we will be doing. Ricky Law was a Comedy Pilot I came up with a few years ago that I ended up putting on the back burner. Seems like a perfect time to do something in the reality show comedy vein so now is as good a time as any. This should go relatively quickly once I get the story locked down.

Ricky Law is a wanna be bounty hunter / fame seeker that thinks he can start his own reality show. He scrapes up just enough money to hire a film crew to follow him around as he attempts to track down bounties. problem is he doesn’t know a lot about it and has assembled a crew of complete misfits as part of his team. These team members cause more problems than they solve andall kind of havoc ensues.

The project is sort of Dog the Bounty Hunter / Reno 911 / JackAss / and a little Bruno….

We’ll be putting together a list of ridiculous scenarios that will play out on the streets of San Diego and do a lot of run and gun video shooting. As soon as I get the outline done and start chewing into the script, we’ll be going through the casting process. We’re going to need a lot more people for this project so that should be pretty interesting. We’ll shoot the 30 min Pilot episode and see what we have. I think its going to be absolutely hilarious…so we’ll be shooting for possible cable network..but we’ll see. First we need to make it…lol.

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