July 13, 2009


Saturday Night Shannie and I went to Roel Jovellanos’ Mind Machine Art Show at the Distinctions Art Gallery in Escondido. It was an amazing show with some real mind blowing art. Roel and Thomas both had¬†awesome works on display there as well as people from Pixar and others.

Inspiring and humbling was the theme of the evening. We took the full tour around the gallery, talked with Roel, Thomas and Roel’s charming Wife Lilly before we made our way out to Dinner. It was a nice evening all the way around.

In other news I brought on a new hand to help finish up the film. With the Wedding, and other things going on I had been dragging my feet with the music score…not to mention wanting to get on with the next project, so please welcome Javier Kadry to the project! Javier works for Sony SCE down the road and is an amazing composer. He sent me tracks to the opening credit sequence this morning and it sounds fantastic.

I was going to do the score myself, but I wanted to start the concept / writing process for the next film…and decided I wanted to find someone to take over that particular aspect to free me up to write, direct and produce the new projects. I do have music still in Obituary Notice…but It made sense to bring someone on so I can focus on getting this Film finished and get on with the next ones. That being said Ill be assembling the final cut of the project and getting ready to press it to DVD.

So things are moving right along! :-)

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  1. thanks Michael and Shannon for making it to the show! Oo, can’t wait to hear the music and the new ideas you got brewing for the next one.

  2. It was our pleasure. Amazing art…and what a cool gallery. We had a great time!

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