June 29, 2009

Boats & Hoes Party

Well this weekend was a bit of putting things back together again, and getting settled from the wedding last weekend. The whole house was a disaster after moving everything back from the Wedding event and then we were off to Vegas so this weekend was putting everything away and getting settled. Today we finished up getting the house in order but we did have some fun over the weekend…lol.

Saturday night we went to Lindsey’s Boats and Hoes Party to celebrate here 25th birthday. It was a blast. The theme was nautical and I went as a yuppie yacht captain. Shannie went as a cute navy girl. It was a great turnout and there was plenty of awesomeness going on. lol…

Of course Cornbread was in tight form in his authentic cracker jacks outfit. They had a DJ and Photographer at the event which was a great touch. Everyone had a great time.

Today was nice. We finished up the house and then went to the beach to play in the waves and soak up some sun. The waves were pretty nice today and we got pummeled a few times in them. Shannieand I went out to dinner tonight and talked about what we wanted to do with the up coming Screening Party for the film as well as touched on some details for the Halloween Party coming up in the next few months. 

We have some fun stuff coming up…:-)

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