June 25, 2009

Back from Vegas…and Wedding Weekend…

Good Grief, what a weekend / Week. The Wedding was a lot of fun. Friday we all started getting up to the house in the morning and started setting things up. It was a great time, just hanging out with family and friends. We were playing in the pool in the evening, talking shop looking out over the temecula valley, it was quite a sight.

Saturday things started moving getting ready for the evening, but for the most part it was pretty drama free which was really nice. No crazy 5 alarm fires or anything like that…it was a pretty casual set up…so that really did go according to plan.

people started showing up at 4:30pm and around 5:20pm, everyone started gathering around the I called Shannie on her Cell to cue her that we were about to go and her and her ontourage came out of the master bedroom and around the corner to the front entry way. She looked gorgeous! The Wedding dress she made was amazing…and it was a pretty awesome moment seeing that I had up to that point never saw what the dress looked like. She wanted to be a secret all the way up to the ceremony and she was pretty breathtaking.

I called Dex to cue the music which he did an awesome job with. The tracks for the wedding march were a couple of Bt tracks off of his Binary Universe CD I edited for the ceremony. It was a really beautiful arrangement. CornBread was of course the one that Married us…and he did an awesome job as well.

The Vows were really short and to the point. I think we shot through it in 120 seconds tops. lol…but it was good. I hate weddings where people talk and talk…so ours was insanely short, but the message and impact were there. Walking off, we used an edited version of “Little Light of Love” off the Fifth Element Soundtrack. It was pretty fitting….that was Shannie’s choice and it worked great!

The Reception was a blast…I bought a 900watt power amp and 15″ cabs with horns for the sound system. The sound was awesome and big blasting an assortment of 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s music and beyond. With an amazing house looking over the Temecula Valley, with infinity Edge pool and Jacuzzi, it was a pretty cool event. Everyone did an amazing job and was a really fun time all the way around.

All the photos from the reception above are some shots I took on the 5D after the reception started dying down later in the evening and I had some time to snap some pictures. I haven’t gone through the Photographer’s shots we hired for the event, but we’ll be posting some of those up soon…

Outside someone insanely ironic trying to give me really dumb marital advice, it was a close to perfect evening. lol…

Sunday things started slowing down, it was packing up and getting ready to go mostly but was still pretty casual. We had a nice dinner with our parents, and headed back up to the house for the final evening. Monday morning Shannie and I headed out to Vegas for a few days. Justin and Kelly work in the hotel business and had our rooms at the MGM Grand Comped to one of their crazy luxury suites on the 27th floor. It was pretty awesome.

We played in the back lot river pool, went to see the lions, played around in the New york, New york hotel, and had dinner at the Pearl Tuesday evening. It was a lot of fun and were going to plan another trip out with friends some time in the near future….it was such a blast.

Well that’s the blanket overview of the event. Too much to really go into details withat the moment. With a living room that looks like a cyclone hit it with Wedding stuff, Its going to be a couple days until were settled in from the weekend.  

To everyone that showed up, helped out, and celebrated with us…it was an amazing week, and we love ya all! You made it an unforgettable day for us.

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