June 17, 2009

Wow…I more day and the festivities begin…whooaaa..

Well, it’s been a week or so since I have posted anything….been really busy putting things together for the wedding…and it’s all about to start. Crazy! lol..

Well I put the sound system together for the event. I have two big Peavey 15″ PA enclosures with horns plus a matching Peavey 900 watt power amp so were pretty hooked up there. I finished re-mastering all the music…180 tracks. Edited our Ceremony music which sounds great…check! lol..

I designed the Candy bar wrappers and Shannie got them all printed up and packaged. I did two different designs for them. Hers was a powder blue with subtle halloween motifs and mine were pretty Rock & I basically did mine with the Red/Black/White Van Halen Guitar graphics…so they look pretty cool.

other than that, just getting the rest of the details in place. Nailed down the servers, Food, etc. I think were pretty much ready to go.

My Mother and Gary are flying in early Thursday afternoon, and from there it’s getting everything up to the place and set up. Friday is going to be a blast. We should have everything set up and ready to go early in the day, so the evening will be just hanging out with our family and friends by the pool looking out over the valley and soaking up the decor. lol…

Saturday will of course be the wedding, and party…and then we’ll be hanging out up there Sunday and Monday…so its going to be a good time. Then Shannie and I are hitting Vegas for a few days and we’ll see where it goes from there.

Once we get back, we then have Lindsey’s boats and hoes party the following Saturday to celebrate her birthday. I might have a photography shoot with a model close by in temecula on that Sunday. Then I need to get the film audio finished so we can get that finished…which will be priority numero uno once the wedding festivities are finally over.

So anyway…thats whats going on at the moment.

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