May 27, 2009

Quick Photo Shoot…and a little Segal.. :-)

I took some photo’s for Jorge over the weekend of his newborn baby girl and ultra charming wife, Tatiana (I hope I’m spelling that correctly…). We also had Tim over as well in which he gave me an awesome birthday gift…a 4 pack of Steven Segal movies. lol.

We had made so many jokes about the “segal” lighting setups during shooting obituary notice, I almost died laughing seeing the DVD he found. It had 4 of his movie covers on the front of the box that “all” had the Segal lighting. I cant believe he found that…too cool!

Jorge treated us to lunch where we talked shop and touched on the next film project a little. It was great seeing them again…

Well as of last night I finished up the soundtrack for the entire Night Scene for the film. I exported out the audio from ProTools and imported it into Premier to see it on the Matrox hardware and It mixed right in with everything and sounds pretty damn cool.

So now its just getting the music finished for the day time dialog scene and touch on the intro and were pretty close to wrapping it up. I feel pretty confident i can get it buttoned up this weekend, but we’ll have to see how it goes. Were deep in Wedding territory now and I have a lot of things I need to get done for it…including the website I need to get onto tonight.

For the most part were really close though…cant wait to see it completed…stay tuned. :-)

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  1. so beautiful….a little girl will brighten your world every day. Unless Michael Bacon turns her into a freak!
    Seriously- she is perfect!
    Ally & Nancy

  2. A little J-Ro. Congrats Jorge.

    Good news on the movie MB. I have a feeling it is going to be a billion dollar opening weekend for Obituary Notice.

    When are we rehearsing for the wedding?

    P.S. We are totally watching all of those Segal movies. That is a kick ass gift.

  3. lol…yeah, I’m pretty good at “Freak” lol…

    Well we didnt get through all the Seagals…but we did slip in a little “Action Jackson” in there. lol….I so want to do the AJ sequel!

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