May 19, 2009

Obituary Notice Update…

Howdy Howdy,

Things are moving along. Basically its mostly the music score which I am working on now…so were almost there. I put in some soundtrack arrangements last night for the Ally attack scene which work pretty well, and I added a round of percussion through most of the night scene stuff.

That said, I really don’t have an exact date for completion but I am sure its not going to be by this Friday. On another note, Ally has a play this weekend for both Fri and Sat nights and I cant see having a screening party without Ally there, so were going to have to postpone this again.

I think at this point I just need to focus on finishing the soundtrack and getting the final film assembled and ready for DVD…so the Screening party is currently in a holding pattern until I get it finished and happy with the final product. I don’t suspect it will be longer than another week or so, but I want to get it done and sitting on it before we formally set a screening date.

I apologize to anyone that had to alter schedules or whatever to see this…but in the end, Its really better it gets done right and not rushed out the door to meet a quick release date. I want to see this finished as much as anybody and it will be finalized shortly. I want to have the screening party, celebrate the hard work we put in and start working on pre-production for our first up coming full length feature!

So anyway…just wanted to let everyone know where things are at. When I have it finished shortly, Ill send out an official screening date and time notice…and it will be cool! So stay tuned!


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  1. No worries, I know you want it to be Skin Tight! It’s still amazing how quickly you’ve moved on this.

    Happy belated birthday BTW.

    Look forward to the premiere soon!

  2. OMG. Yeah, Happy birthday. See you guys on Sat.

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