May 4, 2009

It’s Monday….

Well it’s Monday after we wrapped up filming for Obituary Notice Friday, andthis weekend was mostly just taking a small breather. I did import the footage for the Car scene and get it edited, so its all looking good. I also put together a dirty compilation of all the footage into a single timeline just i can look at the movie as a whole which was fun.

I feel like I need to shoot just a couple little transition clips…so I’ll be doing that this week to get it all squared away. I think I have a pretty good handle on how i will approach the soundtrack, so this week I’ll start getting that together.

A little bit of a change…I think I am going to push out the screening party to Friday the 22nd. I feel I am going to need that extra week to get everything squared away…so that lands on a Friday. If anyone has a real problem with that, let me know. The 15th was just going to be pushing it a little too close.

It’s looking good though, so I am pretty stoked about the screening. Cant wait to see ya all again!

Well this weekend marks Mother’s day, and the photo of my baby here was from mother’s day last year. I just wanted to say I was sitting at work thinking about ya baby, and with our Wedding coming up next month I felt like I have to say I cant believe I found somebody as sweet and talented as you are. We are such a great team together, it’s kind of scary when I think about it. lol…

You did an amazing job doing everything you did on the film…

I feel like there is nothing we cant do together, and I wanted to say I love you baby!…mmwwaaaa…

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  1. Aw honey! Thank you, thank you for the sweetness!
    I’m so lucky to have you!

  2. You guys are so in love! Very cool…Skin Tight as Cornbread would say.

    The 22nd works for me…can’t wait to see it!

  3. Thanks Tim…We Skin Tight!

  4. Damn Mike… you are one lucky @#%@# lol

  5. oh no…Ally is in a play that night :(. She will be devastated!

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