April 24, 2009

The Police are in da’ house!

yeeaayyy…we just got in the police badges and name tags, so we can now shoot the end scene for the film. We’ve been waiting on these for a while now and they look great! Were never going to get that close to the badge to see the Micon Films, but I thought it was a fun touch.

So we’re all set and ready to roll camera with Alex and Cornbread on Tuesday Evening….then we just have one last scene, and a couple retakes with Jorge next Friday and the film is close to being completed.

We had Tim over for dinner last night to visit and look at the early cut, and I think he really like it. I really liked his performances, so it was cool to get his reaction and feedback on the current edits…thanks Tim!

After the last two shoots next week, its just post audio work, completing the score and a few final edits and color corrections….and its screening time on the 15th! I am so looking forward to getting this finished…IMDB here we come. lol..

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  1. very cool, those turned out great!

    oh yeah, I’m biddin on a doorway dolly with tracks on ebay.. maybe it’ll get here in time for the car shoot. It’ll be a lot quicker to set these up and use than the tabletop/skater dolly we used earlier.

    catch you lates!

  2. Those badges are amazing! Thanks again for the sneak peek at the footage it looks great. Can’t say enough how much fun it’s been.

    Roel, you really are a great DP…the footage looks phenomenal.

    See everyone at the premiere!

  3. Yeah, Roel is the man! It looks great! cant thank him enough…

    Dude! that Dolly sounds awesome…:-)

  4. cool, it should get here Tuesday or Wednesday.

    You guys are way too kind:) The camera work and lighting was definitely a collaborative effort! Plus Michael put together an awesome camera rig to work with!

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