April 23, 2009

A good night’s Sleep, EQ2 news and Night Scens Rough Edits!…

Well the last couple days have all been about sleep deprivation…eeeee…lol

I actually don’t know where this week went exactly but progress has been made which is a good thing. lol. After 4 days of ultra late nights, we finally had to crash and get some much needed sleep. ( Sorry Tim for cancelling dinner on ya…we really look forward to seeing you tonight! )

Today I feel awake and refreshed…and things are moving right along. On the Film front, I did manage to get some edits in last night and we have a pretty solid Rough of all the Interior Night scenes we shot weekend before last. There were some tricky shots to get to work that in the process of shooting were a little loose.

All and all we have a pretty good progression that works. I watched the footage cut as a whole, and the story does work its way through which is pretty cool seeing that there is very little dialog in these scenes to show the viewer what’s going on. I cant wait to get the last couple scenes so we can put the whole story together. I think its really starting to come together now.

Another thing I noticed is the Footage edited..(Opening title Sequence, Scene 01, and all the Night interior scenes now are just over 20 minutes long…so with two scenes left, I think there is a good possibility we’ll be looking at close to 25/30 minutes long from start to finish. We’ll have to see how these last two scenes go…but that’s the way the math is coming out. lol..

In other news, I’m getting pretty close to wrapping up production on my main 3d environments for EverQuest 2’s next expansion. Things are coming along good there, ahead of schedule and I’m pretty happy with the overall design. I have some design alteration requests to do after i button up the last few rooms, but were really close now.

Then its on to Prop building and lighting…should be fun.

Well that’s it on a Thursday for now.

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