April 21, 2009

Scene one editing finished…

Another late night, but I think outside of some small revisions…Scene one is Edited. It looks great. The whole sequence from opening Title Sequence through the entirety of Scene one looks really tight. There are actually two conversations that take place, and last night was focusing on the Second one. I was able to get a lot of really cool expressions out of the footage from Tim and Jorge, and it comes across great in the scene.

There is this one subtle performance from Tim that ends the conversation where it looks like the Lance character really wore him out. It’s really cool. Another moment is when Jorge is explaining to Tim about how easy his little scheme is and has a really intense and convincing expressions in the face.

Another thing that was pretty cool is how the cameras are pulled a little further back during the first conversation and get pretty close and intense during the second one. This was a great call by our awesome DP Roel which really worked out well. The lighting shifted during the day which actually gave us a little unexpected benefit in the contrast / intensity of the scene. By the end when Jorge is explaining the unsavory details of his scheme, I put in a reflector as the Key light that blasted one side of his face. The lighting ended up giving him a really strong 2:1 ratio lighting each side of his face…an effect I guess I termed “the Segal”. lol…but not as extreme.

surprisingly the lighting overall still works pretty well without being too obvious it was shot during the course of the day with a shifting sun overhead.

Now it’s on to the interior night scenes…we’ll see how that goes tonight. I think I have a pretty good handle on the Ally I think it might go a little quicker to put together the rest of it.

I got confirmation that the Police badges are finally in the mail and we should get them by thursday…so we’ll be ready to button up the police scenes early next week. Jorge is going to come over next week to get the car scene and any other minor detail shots we might have missed. Ill know what I need exactly once I complete the current edits on the night interior footage.

I have a template of the closing credit roll, and started putting that together last night as well. I picked out a really cool looped track I did a while back for the credit music. It sounds pretty bad ass!…and then I need to inter-cut in the blooper footage. We have some pretty killer stuff for that too…

All good stuff…cant wait to wrap this up!

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