April 19, 2009

Video Capture and Audio Remastering…

uuuggghh…lol…a whole day of Video Capturing and remastering and I am ready to get some zzzzzz…

Well I got all 3 tapes imported now. Broke the shots up into manageable chunks and basically ready for editing now. I’m going to start putting together the rough film edit tomorrow which should be fun. After I imported the footage it was pretty apparent the Audio had some issues…so I remastered the footage tracks tonight. I basically ended up with a left side that was really low, a right side that ended up being a huge hum…and then there was a pretty noticeable hiss through out.

I think it was from the conversion adapters between the shotgun mic and the XLR inputs. For the next film I’m definitely getting a really good mic so I don’t have to go through this next time, but I did manage to clean it all up for the most part. I ended up copying the left track over to the right side to put back the stereo field, normalizing all the segments to bring the audio levels up…had to go through each piece of the dialog bringing down peaks so I could level up the tracks as a whole, then ran some Noise reduction software and most of it came out…then had to run some additional EQ’ing to get some of the frequencies consistent between different shots that had different mic placements. Outside of that loud buzz on a couple clips the last night of filming, its pretty clean now.

I can probably get the buzz out as well, but I need to spend a little more time with those pieces.

So that’s it on the film front at the moment. Just working away trying to get the rough edit together. On a different subject, I was driving home from work Friday night and somebody ran into the back of my BMW….Again! Traffic stopped abruptly on I 15, and guy behind me was behind me way too close…so when I had to stop I heard the screech…and then pow. I was so pissed…but what do ya do.

We pulled off to the side of the freeway, and I checked out the damage. Outside of a couple heavy scratches on the bumper cover and indents from the screws in his front license plate, you cant see too much damage. Of course I am sure the bumper underneath it was probably dented, but the plastic cover pops right back out so to the eye it doesn’t look as bad. I still have that small rip that’s not that noticeable from the dumb bitch that ran into it in Las Vegas a year and a half ago I never bothered fixing, so I decided to be a nice guy and let the dude off the hook about it.

I could have soaked him, but I decided it wasnt worth my time…and it wasn’t that noticeable. Plus I don’t really believe in being a sue happy social zero. lol…

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  1. Thanks for the update, know it will turn out great.

    Man, that sucks about your BMW. I don’t blame you for not getting into it with the guy…sometimes you’ve got to pick your battles.

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