February 27, 2009

Obituary Notice script revisions…

Tonight, was a round of revisions to the Obituary notice script…

Duane “CornBread” Besse sent me over the proof read I asked him to take a look at for me, but then after re-reading it had a few things that I wanted to revise, especially after we cast the actors for the project. Marco was written to be of Armenian ethnicity, broken English and what have you, but Tim brings a different vibe to the character, so I had to change up some of the dialog to work a little better.

I also realized I didn’t really give the script a second read through when I wrote it, so there was something in there Cornbread pointed out that made almost no sense at all. lol…I think it was a pretty late night when i wrote it and my thoughts were traveling faster than my fingers. lol…so I clarified a few things…and I think now it makes a lot more sense.

Other than that, things are moving right along. I am putting together the shooting plan broken down scene by scene with timelines, and I mounted the HD camera last night to the RedRock rig and got that all set up. I purchased a follow focus for the rig, so that will make focusing much easier. Now we have costume design and testing out night shots in the next few days…fun stuff..

well its 3am and I need to get to bed!…

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