February 24, 2009

System Check…Playing around with Adobe Premier CS3….Over..

Nothing to see here….really. Just a quick title sequence test playing around with my editing system since putting it back together from it’s OS implosion a few weeks back. I had installed Vista since then, and it was such a resource hog it wreaked Havoc with the Matrox RT.X2 hardware. I ended up Nuking the C drive last weekend and putting XP Pro back on it and it seems to be all happy now. lol..

The pan footage was off my DVX100b testing out the Monitor I installed on top of the rig…and it had a nice “Film” like look to it so I thought since we had the Cast nailed down I was play around with title sequence over it…this is just a test. The tone of the film is completely different so don’t read anything into this.

The “master” footage looks a lot nicer then this re-exported web footage…but it looked kind of neat so I thought I would throw it up for giggles.

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  1. Um… WOW!!!!

    Looks frigen stellar!

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