February 22, 2009

“Obituary Notice” Screen Tests

Saturday afternoon we had screen-tests for the two main roles in the film…and it was pretty cool. Since we needed a place as a reception area we had to use the living room so the garage became the place for the actual screen test. Shannie did a wonderful job greeting them and had a giant bowl of Ice and Drinks out as well as a vegetable plate and Sun chips plate with Humus. 

Shannie also handled getting them in and out of the screen-test and she had a lot of fun talking with them all. Especially Rhodes which was a pretty animated, talkative individual.

Roel also did a great job reading the opposite parts during the screen-tests and let me focus on the individual performances. we had a good time talking about our initial impressions of them after each one left the test room. It was great to get his feedback on the potential actors for the project.

It was pretty interesting having people act out the script in various different ways with different personalities and acting approaches. When you write something like a Script / Screenplay you usually have some kind of personality in your head when you are writing the part…mainly so you try to write with a different personality than your own when writing for different characters. Of course you never know when somebody reads it how they will interpret it…so it was really interesting seeing your script being acted out from a completely different perspective.

They were all pretty cool, and we did find the two people we were looking for….in fact even the ones that we wont be using for this project I plan on hopefully using for the next one. There was some pretty solid talent there.

So anyway, looks like we found our actors now, so its pre-production for the next 3 weeks and then our first shooting day on March 14th! Full speed ahead…

The screen test also brought up a few interesting problems…Apparently having 3 thousand watt studio lights and other gear on at the same time will blow the breaker switch to the garage really quick…and if that wasn’t enough, we found out that the shotgun mic sounds really great…if you don’t have it really close to a thousand watt studio light with an internal fan based cooling system. lol…so its a good thing we caught that now and not later. hah..

More news to come…stay tuned…MB

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