February 20, 2009

Meet Shannie – FX Make-Up Ninja!…

Now this is cooooool!!!…lol…

Shannie, my amazing talented girl was getting her groove on for the up coming film “Obituary Notice” by doing some FX make-up tests this evening and it looked amazing. As the Family Ghost, Ally will be done up to look like a murder / crime scene victim and most of the FX make-up will look as though she had been stabbed to death multiple times with a large kitchen knife. (How’s that for fun Ally!!…lol)…She’ll have these gashes all over her head, neck and arms.

Shannie was getting a feel for those types of visuals when she put together this gruesome but ultra cool make-up job.

The one thing of interest was we were trying to look around for Derma Wax which gives that lifted flesh look and believe it or not its not so easy to find…especially in bulk. Shannie did find some but opted to try making her own out of a few different materials found at Vons…and it looked and worked better than the FX canned stuff she bought at Buffalo Breath. Hers actually bends with her flesh and looks a lot more realistic….plus it was easier to work with and easier to clean off.  

The blood is also a concoction she made from Close up toothpaste and a little food coloring. lol…amazing.

Of course she had some help from Judo who had to check out what was going on…

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  1. I’ve always wanted to be a Ninja!
    (Toothpaste blood smells delicious)

  2. Shannon should market her own line of make up for “freaks” dead or alive.

  3. Like Nancy said before my comment, Shannie could market her own line for freaks. I will add that because of all the posers on myspace, Shannie could make millions marketing her line of wrist cuts to the Emo kids on myspace. She could easily be a millionare over night.


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