February 20, 2009

It’s Alive!!!…lol..

Shannie wasnt the only one working tonight….While she was working away creating her Gory FX magic at the table, I was working away at the center island on a monitor mount so I could place my 8″ DVD / Monitor screen on the camera rig. Not that it needed to be any bigger, but the large wide-screen monitor is soooooooo nice! lol..

I connected it up to test out last weekend securing it to the back of the shoulder mount and got some great test footage of our uncommon rainy day. The clouds were pretty dark so the room interior was dark, so I adjusted the exposure and did a really slow pan along the covered windows to the open curtains looking out into the falling rain and it looked really cool and looked like “film” as opposed to video….so I was pretty happy about that. 

The 8″ monitor worked great, I just needed a better place to mount it, so I purchased a small shoe mount and ripped apart a portable DVD base to attach it to. It works pretty well, and staring at the monitor in the new position works a lot better.

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