February 19, 2009

Meet the Production Crew….


Obituary Notice

a Micon Film Production

Michael Bacon
Director / Writer / Executive Producer / Score Composer

Roel Jovellanos
Director of Photography / Producer

Thomas Sincich
Lighting Director / Producer

Steven Juarez
Sound Designer / Audio Technician

Shannon DiMartino
Costume Director / FX Make-Up Artist / Director Assistant

Alex Castillo
FX Make-Up Artist

Kim Castillo
Production Assistant / Prop Designer

Lindsey DiMartino
Key Grip / Production Assistant

Duane (CornBread) Besse

Here is the current production crew line-up for the film…an amazing range of talent I have to say. We have a March 14th – 15th date for shooting the bulk of the film and March 21st and 22nd for the book-end scenes…still working out the details, but I am pretty sure that’s when principle photography will be shot.

Until then, a lot of pre-production work to do…but we’re having a blast working on it. :-) More to come soon…

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