February 18, 2009

Meet Ally!!….

We had Ally and her charming mother Nancy over tonight to meet and talk about the film project. After meeting them we are thrilled to be having Ally on board playing the Family Ghost character. Ally is a very sweet girl and really likes this kind of project, and after going through the basic premise and details, they were pretty excited about it as well.

Of course in the middle of the meeting, Judo found new friends as well and performed her fetch trick for them. lol…

There were about 15 other girls we had been looking at for the part, but Ally just jumped off the page at us. After meeting her it was a no brainer to offer her the part. I took a few shots with the Canon 5D to use for FX makeup mockups so Shannie can get a handle on what she need for the look of the character. Shannie is also handling the costume design so I need to get her some visuals for that as well. All and all a pretty productive evening…we all had a great time.

Now its on to screen-tests for the last two parts, a little more pre-production and then we start shooting…cant wait!

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  1. I’m looking forward to working with Ally!
    I can’t wait to get started!

  2. I am so excited to be working on such cool project with Michael and Shannon (and the rest of the gang that I hope to meet soon). It’s more fun to be creepy than cute!

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