November 24, 2008

Sunday night fun with the Gang…

I am trying to finish up the Top of the World resort website, and needed some images for the flash header of the site. Out of the three shots I wanted to get, I only got One…so I will need to go back up again another time unfortunately. Eddie called to let me know he wouldn’t be there but the house was open with a few family members hanging around. Once we got there it was apparent nobody knew where the lighting was outside the house so the pool shots and balcony shots I wanted were just too dark to shoot…but I did manage to get my “lounging in the bath” shot thanks to Katrina. lol…

We’ll get Lindsey in the pool shot next time…

I did try to shoot a Balcony shot with one of my Boom Soft boxes, but all you can see in the background was pin lights from the city below…and without the outside balcony light fixtures you couldn’t see any part of the actual house…so we just had to call it a wrap. Ohh well, it was fun regardless. We brought Killer pizza from mars and hung out down stairs in the Dance room / Bar area.

While down stairs we stepped out onto the back through-ways and in the darkly lit walk, I cranked the ISO on the camera and shot some high contrast shots to get a feel for some creepy horror film lighting…and they were kind of cool so I thought I would post them. It’s mostly just messing around obviously…but it definitely had a slasher movie vibe to it…Just gotta use your imagination. lol.

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  1. wow michael, i love your pics!!! I’m glad you posted them on myspace because then I remembered you have a blog, which i linked from shannies blog. :)

  2. Thanks Kimbra, We had a lot of fun last night…:-)

  3. Who is the stallion in the blue hoodie? I want to hire that white chocolate brother for a photo shoot!

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