November 13, 2008

Box Art!! yeeaaaayyyyyy!!!!

I was just about ready to go home when we had the AP walking around handing out production boxes for our new EQ2 Expansion due out next Tuesday! yyyyeeeaaaayyyy…lol. I don’t know why but It’s always one of my favorite parts of development when I get the box of the finished product. I thought I would post up both boxes for EverQuest II: The Shadow Odyssey, and Saints Row 2 that went out on shelves last month that I had a colossal amount of my work in.

The box for Shadow Odyssey is pretty cool, (though I liked the other plastic DVD case packaging better), this was the special edition box with a Die-Cast figurine of one of our critter designs so that was neat. So I enjoying the drive home tonight so I can add the Expansion 5 box to my project collection….happy days!

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