November 12, 2008

ugghhh…me no like being sick…

Well this week got off to kind of a blahhh start. lol…Monday evening I came down with the Flu that totally whipped me out for all of Tuesday. I think outside of a couple hours I was in bed for a full 36 hours or something close to that…yuck…

So sitting here Wednesday back to work is a little slow, but I am getting back to business. I guess the good news is I lost 5 pounds. lol…so that is good. I’m back on my fitness routine, even derailed a few projects to focus on it, so I am hoping for a speedy recovery so I can get back to the gym tomorrow.

We had a good weekend…Shannie and I went up to Julian out east just to get out of the house which was nice. Beautiful weather and nice scenery. We stopped back down the hills for some Julian Apple pie which was pretty damn awesome I would have to say. We had a fun weekend that was relatively relaxed.

Next Tuesday…..EQ2 Shadow Odyssey hits the shelves which is exciting. My work on the Expansion is done but the team is wrapping up whatever bug fixes remain for launch. It was a pretty smooth ride this time around which is nice.

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